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Wednesday 2 November 2011



'BARAC says no' flyer page 1
David Cameron said recently that the government is only asking public sector workers to work a little longer and contribute a little more in order to receive a great pension. He would have been more
honest had he said that the government is asking public sector workers to work up to 8 years longer, to receive a substantially lower pension with many losing tens of thousands of pounds over the course of their retirement.
The government’s intransigent approach to the public sector pension negotiations has resulted in more than 20 trade unions representing millions of workers coming together to signal their intention to take strike action on 30 November. Some already have a mandate to take industrial action whilst others are currently balloting their members.
Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC) fully supports the planned industrial action. We recognise that black workers are concentrated in parts of the public sector and so will be particularly impacted by the government’s plans.
Most public sector workers are modestly paid. Their pay has been frozen while inflation is rising. Yet they are being expected to pay £3 billion a year to reduce a deficit in the public finance they did nothing to create.
Most public sector pensions in payment are less than £5,600 a year (£3,000) in local government. The Hutton Report commissioned by the government itself rejects the notion that public sector pensions are gold-plated. The same report also concluded that the cost of public sector pensions is forecast to fall over the next 50 years. The National Audit Office stated the same.
The last Labour Government reached an agreement with the unions which all sides – including the
government’s actuaries – agreed meant that public sector pensions would be sustainable in the long term.
BARAC believes that all workers whether they are public sector or the private sector should receive a good pension. That’s why it supports the Fair Pensions for All Campaign.
If you work in the public sector see how much you stand to lose by visiting:

We call on black workers, communities and services users to support the strikes on November 30th - cuts to the public sector impact on black workers disproportionately and we need to fully participate in campaigns to defend jobs, services, pensions and communities.

We encourage you to attend and get involved in anti cuts groups and union campaign activities building for maximum turnout on 30th November which could see up to 3 million public sector workers out on strike and on the day if you are in a striking union it's essential that you are out on strike, on the picket lines and attending the many marches and rallies that will be taking place in Towns and Cities across the UK.

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