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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Marking United Nations World Day for Social Justice with a Windrush Day of Action

National Windrush Day of Action on 23rd February 2019

Co-ordinated by BAME Lawyers for Justice 

Today is United Nations World Day of Social Justice and we have chosen 23rd February as the closest Saturday to build for Justice for the Windrush Generation.

Below are details of events in London, Nottingham & Liverpool. 

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Press Release; Windrush National Day of Action 23rd February 2019

BAME Lawyers 4 Justice.

Press Release.

Embargoed 12.01 Wednesday 14th February 2019

Subject: UK BAME Lawyers for Justice National Coalition, Condemns UK Home Secretary Over Jamaica Charter Flight Deportations and Calls for A Windrush National Day of Action


An number of British national and regional, black and ethnic minority lawyers, organisations, community groups and significant individuals,  under the banner Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Lawyers 4 Justice, (BAME L4J) an unprecedented number of organisations and individuals, from across the country have signed an open letter to the Home Secretary demanding immediate halt to any future deportation charter flights.

In addition the BAME L4J coalition called for a Windrush National Day of Action demanding justice for Windrush victims and urgent reform of a British immigration system that treats black British people as third class citizens. That call is received resounding support . Across the country, local groups will meet on February 23rd 2019 to develop local plans for this nationwide justice initiative, the details of which will be announced in the next few weeks.

Mr Elwaldo Romeo Chair  -  Windrush Action (support group for victims)

"The resumption of deportation charter flights concerns us at Windrush Action particularly when we learn that at least one person who could have gone were it not for a last minute reprieve, has an application pending with the Windrush Task Force.

The Windrush crisis is still very much fresh unresolved and we are not convinced that the Home Office have learnt any lessons.  Decision-making is slow and in cases erroneous and we are concerned to learn that only one person has received assistance from the Hardship Fund when we have come across serious destitution. 

Further, we're concerned not to have information on how the compensation will be handled. Given all of this and given that there are still issues regarding the scope of people who should be deemed citizens or settled, we think that the resumption of deportation charter flights to Jamaica, a country which has the largest number of people affected by the Windrush scandal is premature."

Mr Lee Jasper, a founder member of BME L4J and a Blaksox sponsor said;

"The forced deportation of black British citizens, almost all who have lived here for decades, and who may have committed a criminal offence, of any kind, is a national scandal.

How many white Americans Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans have been deported using these powers? Very few I suspect.

This government is racially profiling black people for unfair and at times illegal deportation.

The Home Secretary knowingly misled the House of Commons, when he told MPs, that all those on board the Jamaican deportation flight were "serious criminals". That is simply not true and he should be challenged in the House to correct this misinformation and apologise.

The Windrush National Day of Action will be the first step, in black community of the United Kingdom, coming together to demand justice for Windrush victims and their families and put an end to this government's overtly discriminatory "hostile environment", immigration policy."

Ms Jacqueline McKenzie Lawyer and Founder of the Organisation for Migration Advice and Research and Windrush Action said:

“I'm very concerned that the government hasn't heeded the advice of Stephen Shaw who led an inquiry into detention centres and reported last July. He made it clear that it was wrong to be deporting people who were born in or spent most of their life in the UK as is the case with some of the people on the charter flight to Jamaica. 

I'm also appalled at the language used to describe the men and one woman who were deported as being serious criminals when we find that this may not be the case at all.

We're hearing now of one young man who was deported after a juvenile offence and a further offence of dangerous driving who is now being taunted in Jamaica because of the language used by the British government. The treatment of people affected by the Windrush crisis, mass deportations charter and discriminatory immigration rules and laws is nothing more than racist and a breach of human rights."

Cllr Anna Rothery (Mayoral Lead Equality & Race Equality, Liverpool)

We condemn the heinous act of deporting people who have lived worked and contributed financially to the UK. We have taken the best of their lives and reneged on our invitation to come, settle and work in the UK Abandoning our elders in their old age who gave so much in their prime.

We call on Home Secretary Sajid Javid to cease all deportations immediately. Liverpool will hold its Windrush Day of Action at Lime Street Station.”

Mr Anthony Brown, Windrush Crusade, Manchester stated;

“The Windrush Crusade calls on the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, to use his discretion and not deport individuals who came to the UK as minors. Owen Haisley's case is deeply troubling and we entirely object to this Government's belief that he does not have the right to live in the UK. This is his home, he has lived here since he was 4 years old and he should not have to go through this.

The Windrush Crusade is doing everything it can to prevent this deportation including making representations to Lucy Powell MP who has asked questions in parliament on Owen's behalf and we are waiting for a response on this. We are also calling on the Government to halt deportation charter flights particularly as the Windrush Lessons Learned Review is not yet completed.

We fully support the Windrush Day of Action to raise political and public awareness about the on-going plight of British Citizens still being affected by the 'Windrush scandal' and tackle race disparities in the application of immigration, criminal justice, employment, health and other policies.’

Claude Hendrickson BAME officer Leeds NE CLP and supported by Racial Justice Network (RJN) and Yorkshire Resist commented;

“ Leeds community is horrified and condemn the recent resumption of deportation charter flight to Jamaica. Government has not yet learnt the lessons of the Windrush scandal and yet they continue to use system they know to be deeply flawed. Leeds is fully committed to the Windrush Day of Action and will be joining cities around the country to register our demand that all such deportation flights should be stopped, the victims of Windrush compensated, people wrongly deported should be repatriated and all the descendant of Windrush should be given automatic citizenship.“

Ms Connie Sozi, Immigration the Lawyer said,

The Government promised to put things right with the Windrush Generation. However, the unjust, speedy and opaque manner in which the Charter flight to Jamaica was pursued; the untruths told to justify removal; the failure to carry out reasonable checks to ensure no Windrush migrants were removed; and
continuing delay in formulating the Windrush Compensation Scheme to provide redress for human rights violations; all show the Government is not to be trusted.”

Rev Desmond Jadoo Windrush UK Birmingham said,

" It is clear that despite assurances the "Hostile Environment" is alive and well and targeting black people, the same people that rebuilt this country after a devastating war. The latest deportation flight stained yet again our community and unless we stand up and be counted, this will continue. It is clear, that the UK believes that it’s the ultimate moral authority and they’re perfect as the so called former colonial leaders. Well they are not.

We demand that there is an immediate suspension of deportations as some of them are highly questionable and further demand that the Home Secretary Sajid Javid review all deportation cases from the last flight. We are clearly returning to the time of  "No Blacks. No Irish, No Dogs". Birmingham fully supports the Windrush Day of Action.

Ms Zita Holbourne National Chair BARAC UK and National Vice President PCS

“ The hostile environment is destroying lives and tearing families apart. The lack of transparency about deportations has made the distress faced even worse. Last year FOI requests I sent to the Home Office went unanswered for several months, despite formal complaints and instructions by the Information Commissioners to answer them.

There was no consultation by government on restarting charter flights and given that the outcome of various reviews and consultations on Windrush has not concluded deportations should not be happening. The government dishonestly claimed in parliament that all deported were guilty of the most severe crimes adding to the anguish and labelling of those impacted. In any case all have served their time and been rehabilitated so should not face the triple punishment of prison, detention & deportation.

The numbers who have died because of this scandal have increased & some of those targeted for deportation were awaiting the outcome of applications for the Windrush Scheme.

The government claims that there was no Windrush link for those targeted but the truth is that Britain's history of enslavement and colonial rule led to those told they were part of the British Empire coming to the UK to help the country recover post WWII and subsequently to being joined by children and grandchildren who are now being told they do not belong here. Furthermore some of those targeted served in the British Armed Forces on active duty and should have been granted British citizenship once discharged.

The inhumane practice of wholesale removal of people on charter flights must stop. There must be an independent public inquiry into the Windrush scandal.”

Pastor Clive Foster - Nottinghamshire Windrush Support Forum
“It is appalling and callus that our government continues to deport Windrush Generations given that we know the failure of the Home Office with wrongful deportations some of which sadly died. I am deeply concerned that the HS has characterised the deportees as “serious offenders” when this clearly not the case. We are calling on all people of good will to support the WDA against this egregious injustice. “Your the
Mr Patrick Vernon OBE Windrush campaigner and social commentator
“ In April 2018 I launched a petition exposing the Windrush Scandal that over 180K signed.  The petition helped to contributed to the government admitting that their failed the Windrush Generation and their descendants.
One of the petitions key demands that the public supported was the suspension of deportation flights to allow people to resolve their immigration status as British Citizens irrespective of previous conduct of behaviour whilst the government review their policies and procedures.
The government have commissioned a lessons learnt review in absence of a public inquiry.
The government have again let down Windrush Generation have again by not waiting for the conclusions and recommendations of the review. They have now created a new scandal by violating the human rights and causing additional trauma and anxiety particularly for those who will think twice in contacting the Home Office to regularise their status.
The government need to suspend all flights until further notice and consider the final report of the lessons learnt review as they owe a duty of care to those affected by the Hostile Environment as highlighted in the recent National Audit Office Report in systematic failure   of the Home Office.”
National and London
Zita Holbourne                 Tel 07711861660  

Lee Jasper                       Tel 07984181797  
Jacqueline McKenzie      Tel 07961 148 568 or 020 8671 7989
Anthony Brown               Tel 07392399040 (Manchester)
Claude Hendrickson       Tel 07831 480196 (Leeds)
Cllr Anna Rothery           Tel 07841 652168 (Liverpool)
Rev Desmond Jado        Tel 07946 374577 (Birmingham)
Pastor Clive Foster        Tel 07881656399 (Nottingham)
Editors Info:
BAME Lawyer 4 Justice is an national coalitional of lawyers and campaigning group challenging Windrush injustices and the Government immigration “hostile environment” policy

We is an umbrella platform comprising of Society of Black Lawyers, BARAC UK, Blaksox, Windrush Action & a number of Windrush campaign groups from across the UK.
We campaign in response to the unfolding Windrush scandal calling for all deportations, including charter flights to the Caribbean, to be stopped.

We held an online windows debate and two national conferences, one in London and one in Nottingham in 2017. These community consultation events have called for a Windrush Day of Action

We organised and made countless representations to the Home Office on this issue, all ignored and have recently launched a petition calling for the cessation of all deportation charter flights, and now signed by 12000 people.

Open letter to Sajid Javid from BAME Lawyers for Justice; Deportation Flight to Jamaica

BAME Lawyers 4 Justice.
Open letter to:

Right Honorable Sajid Javid MP
Home Secretary
Home Office
2 Marsham Street

By Email
By Post

13th February 2019
Dear Sir,

Open Letter: Deportation flight to Jamaica.

We the undersigned are writing to express our concerns about the handling of the deportation flight to Jamaica chartered by the Home Office on 6th February 2019.

There are three points that we would like to raise: -

Firstly, the misleading information given by you whereby you mentioned that all the deportees were guilty of ‘very serious crimes’ such as murder and rape.  We note that Caroline Nokes, The Minister for Immigration had been recorded in Hansard on 8th February, stating the same.

We find the government’s actions, disproportionate, discriminatory and potentially illegal. Further given the scandal of Windrush we have no confidence in the government’s reassurance that fairness, justice and respect for human rights is ensured, regardless of ethnicity.

Many of those on the flight had not been convicted of rape or murder, as Home Office officials had indicated in the days leading up to the flight. In fact, we believe that the majority of those on the flight had committed neither of these two offences. One person, we know was being deported for a driving offence.

This is an important and significant issue. We believe, that as Home Secretary, you may have, knowingly or otherwise, misled the House and would invite you to urgently clarify your comments.

The second point relates to on-going legal issues surrounding Windrush.

These have not yet been resolved. Deportations to Jamaica should not be resumed until there is more clarity around this. It is not entirely clear exactly who qualifies for British citizenship under Windrush.

Some of those forced onto the plane had made applications under the Windrush scheme, and they had not yet received a response.

If the final decision on their application is that they are entitled to British citizenship, then they will have been unlawfully deported.

The plight of commonwealth soldiers is also akin to Windrush and they should also be considered.

The third point relates to the right to family life under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998 and to the recommendations made by Stephen Shaw in his review of immigration detention commissioned by the Home Office and published in July 2018.

Shaw, who is an independent and highly respected individual, argued forcefully that foreign national offenders, who have been in the UK since childhood should not be removed to a country, they have barely or never set foot in.

We understand that the Home Office has not responded to this key recommendation in the Shaw report.

Government states that its hands are tied and that it has no choice but to implement the UK Borders Act 2007 brought in under a Labour government, which states that any foreign national offender who serves more than a 12 month sentence should be deported.

However, this interpretation is not correct. The government has the flexibility to place greater emphasis on the right of foreign national offenders, to family and private life but sadly, it chooses not to exercise this discretion.

At the time that Shaw’s report was published last July he said: “There is a section in my report about ex-offenders who are more British than foreign, who have been brought up in this country ... I argue that we are not talking about their return but their expulsion.”

This week he branded the charter flight to Jamaica as ‘very cruel’.

Hundreds of thousands of people, right across the country have signed, numerous individual petitions calling on the government to stop these deportations, and ensure transparency, equality and fairness are central to all decisions made in relation to determining the immigration status of these individuals.

We call upon the Home Secretary, to do the right thing, and place an immediate moratorium on all future deportations, until such time that public trust and confidence in the British immigration system can be restored.

We urgently require a response to the very significant concerns outlined in this letter.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Herbert O.B.E (Chair of Society of Black Lawyers)
Marcia Willis Stewart QC (Hons) Solicitor
Cllr Anna Rothery (Mayoral Lead Equality & Race Equality, Liverpool)
Councilor Patsy Cummings (London Borough of Croydon)
Jacqueline McKenzie (Immigration & Asylum Lawyer/Windrush Action)
Euen Herbert-Small No Dogs No Black No Irish.
Zita Holbourne (Co- Founder of BARAC UK)
Patrick Vernon OBE Patron of Sante (refugee and asylum social enterprise)
Irene Nembhard solicitor Birnberg Peirce
Rev Desmond Jadoo, Windrush Movement UK Birmingham
Councillor Amanda Pinnock - Kirklees Council
David Weaver, Board member Operation Black Vote
Connie Sozi (Lawyer)
Shivani Jegarjah (Lawyer) Justilla Chambers
Claude Hendrickson
BAME officer Leeds NE CLP
Racial Justice Network (RJN) and Yorkshire Resist
Thaila Maragh (Barrister)
Attiq Malik (Lawyer)
Elwaldo Romeo Chair Windrush Action
Pastor Clive Foster (Nottinghamshire Windrush Support Forum)
Anthony Brown (Windrush Crusade Manchester)
Liverpool Labour Black Network

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Jamaican Deportation Flight; Press Release

BME Lawyers 4 Justice.

Immediate release.

06/02/2019 10:40 am

Re: Jamaican Deportation Charter Flight

Who we are:

BAME Lawyers for Justice is a group coalition campaign challenging Windrush injustices and the Government hostile environment. We are an umbrella platform comprising of Society of Black Lawyers, BARAC UK, Blaksox, Windrush Action & a number of Windrush campaign groups across the UK.
We campaigned in response to the unfolding Windrush scandal calling for all deportations, including charter flights to the Caribbean, to be stopped. We advocated, organised and made representations to the Home Office and launched an online petition signed by 10000 people.

As a result of this, alongside the work of many activist organisations, the planned charter flight to Jamaica in the spring of 2018 was cancelled. Charter flights to Jamaica, but not other countries, were suspended.


We condemn the resumption of deportation charter flights to Jamaica. A flight left the UK bound to Jamaica today. We are shocked and appalled at this action, particularly as the government, has not received , nor has the public been informed, about the conclusions of the many Windrush ‘Lessons Learned’ reviews. The resumption of these deportation flights is a grievous, appalling insult to the principles of justice and fairness.

Yesterday the Home Secretary may have misled the House, when he said in response to Parliamentary Questions, that all of the 50 people planned to be deported were ‘serious criminals'.

We understand that at least 15 people were prevented from being deported, by the actions of their lawyers, supported by campaign groups. So that’s at least 15 people who may not have fitted the Home Secretary’s description. We are delighted that with your support we were able to get former British Army soldier Twane Morgan, taken of the plane in a last minute legal action.

The Home Office approach to fundamental rights of returnees has been cynical and inhumane.

We commend Twane’s legal representatives, Shivani Jegarajah, of Justitia Chambers and Rachel Okello of Rogols Solicitors both who represented, supported by a campaign team, recognising the importance of the principle of access to justice for everyone including those deemed to be foreign nationals.  Mrs Justice May granted the injunction and he was taken off the plane.

We have no confidence in the ability of the UK Border Agency to treat people fairly and in accordance with the law. We don’t believe that the public would support deportation in many of these cases, were the details of their individual circumstances known.
We call upon the British government, to stop all deportations, until such time as the lessons from Windrush can be properly learned, systems reformed, and equality of all citizens before the law can be equally guaranteed, without regard to race.

We full support the Stansted 15 who are in court today after protesting a deportation flight in  2017 and we note the extraordinary escalation of their charges by the Crown Prosecution Service. If these flights continue, we may see many more such protests.

Quotes from the group:

Zita Holbourne, Chair of BARAC UK said;

It is irresponsible and inhumane to conduct wholesale deportations of people, tearing them from families & demonising and labelling them.
I have been leading the campaign for justice for Twane, who has literally been used by the British government & then neglected & discarded . It has been a rollercoaster 24 hours, a high court injunction granted last eve, only to be contacted by Twane in the early hours of this morning with the news that he is being transported to the airport & being deported. Twane was put on the plane, cuffed to two security guards and only just removed from the flight just before take off. "


“This was emotional torture for Twane & his loved ones and totally unnecessary. Until there is a concluded independent public inquiry, this scandalous inhumane treatment of people must stop.”

Lee Jasper of Blaksox said,

“The Windrush scandal is a matter of utter national shame and disgrace. That Her Majesty's Government would embark on a campaign that targeted Black British citizens with the illegal forced detention and removal, is not only reprehensible, but strikes at the heart of concepts of justice, fairness and equality before the law. This Government has unilaterally cancelled the social contract between the state and British black communities and the consequences are devastating. Peoples lives are being destroyed and yet the Government seems intent to ride rough shod over the rights of these deportees. This is an outrageous calumny, a barbarous and inhumane  example of institutionalised racism in practice."

He added,

“For the Government to willingly persist in these deportations, using an immigration deportation regime, proven to be institutionally racist to its core, constitutes both malign intent and hostile provocation.”

Leading Windrush Immigration and Asylum lawyer, Jacqueline McKenzie  

“These deportation charters are of grave concern. They are shrouded in secrecy and there is no adequate mechanism for ensuring that people on them have access to quality and independent advice.

To date we do not have accurate information about who was on this one and there is no evidence to support the Home Secretary's claim that it was full of very serious criminals, notwithstanding  the fact that in many cases we're talking about people who are settled in the UK and already punished for any crimes.

She added;

“Further, the very process of shackling 50 plus people, including with hand and sometimes waist restraints with each person accompanied by several guards on a 9 hour flight is dehumanizing and tantamount to torture with lifelong debilitating consequences.  There must now be an urgent review of the legality of this process and of the policies and laws which make this possible.”


We will be holding action-planning events in various cities, across England, in preparation for our Windrush National Day of Action, to take later in the year.

Planning meetings will take place simultaneously, on the 23rd February and are supported by Windrush campaign groups under the umbrella of BAME Lawyers for Justice and planned to mark United Nations World Social Justice Day.

We call on the country to do the right thing, join us and our campaign for justice and support our call for an Independent Public Inquiry into the Windrush scandal.

Zita Holbourne,                Tel 07711861660

Lee Jasper,                     Tel 07984181797
Jacqueline McKenzie       Tel 07961 148 568 or 020 8671 7989

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Windrush National Day of Action, London event; 23rd February 2019

 This public meeting is organised by Windrush Action & Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC) UK, supported by BAME Lawyers for Justice.

It takes place from 1 to 5pm at Islington Town Hall. Upper Street, London, N1 2UD

Facebook event

It is the London event linked to several events in different UK cities as part of the National  Windrush Day of Action called by a group  of Windrush campaign groups under the umbrella of BAME Lawyers for Justice agreed at our national conference in Nottingham  last November. We have chosen the 23rd of February because it is the nearest Saturday to the United Nations Day for world social justice.

We will hear from speakers directly impacted by the Windrush scandal and from those campaigning to challenge this injustice.

Last year the government stopped all charter flights to Jamaica because of the Windrush scandal but  have organised one for February which is an absolute disgrace and premature given that the Windrush scandal and related injustices are still continuing and the government gave not yet published the outcome of the compensation scheme consultation and that the Home Office lessons learned initiative is still ongoing.

Chair; Zita Holbourne, National Chair BARAC UK

Speakers; Martin Forde QC
Jacqueline McKenzie, Windrush & Immigration Lawyer
Sentina Bristol
Elwaldo Romeo

More to be confirmed

Friday, 1 February 2019

Support our campaign against the deportation of Twane Morgan

Stop the Deportation of Twane Morgan, former soldier in the British Army with PTSD & bipolar  to be shackled and deported to Jamaica

BARAC UK, were already supporting and leading a canpaign for British citizenship to be granted to Twane Morgan who is a former soldier in the British Army when he was detained last week. The UK Government plan to deport Twane on a charter flight which is a mass deportation of at least 50 people to Jamaica within the next fortnight.

Our petition has gained over 83000 signatures and if you read the updates that will take you through developments.

Please sign here;

We are working with the family, their lawyer at Rogols Solicitors and barrister from Justitia Chambers, the latter being   part of the BAME Lawyers for Justice group which BARAC UK are co-founders of.

Zita Holbourne, National Chair of BARAC UK says of Twane's case;

"The treatment of Commonwealth soldiers is very similar to the treatment of the Windrush generation. The British government have been forced to acknowledge that they have done wrong and need to rectify their treatment of the Windrush generation. They should do the same for Commonwealth soldiers. They should do the right thing by Twane and allow him to stay here, raise his 5 children, get the support he needs from his family and the medical care he requires for his PTSD & bipolar conditions."

More info about Twane's plight continues here;

Traumatised war veteran to be shackled and deported on charter flight.

From 1st February 2019 Twane Morgan will be taken to an undisclosed airport and taken with 50 other Jamaican nationals and 150 immigration escorts to be released over to Jamaica.
This is a man who joined the British army as a Commonwealth serviceman, was not told by the army how to survive in the UK upon his discharge.
Twane arrived in UK legally. In 2004, he enlisted in the British Army and on 31 August 2007, was medically discharged as a result of post-traumatic stress disorder. This was decided by the War Pensions and Armed Forces Compensation Chambers. A long existing policy meant that Twane was eligible for settlement and later citizenship. But no one told him that. Without formal permission to live in the UK, he was not entitled to work nor access the NHS. Unsurprisingly he turned to alcohol. On 16 October 2010, he got into a drunken argument with his daughter's grandfather and in order to defend himself from a hammer attack he stabbed him. As the UK Veterans have pointed out below as a soldier he has been trained to defend himself from attack by the Army and on discharge there is nothing in place to untrain and no support given to cope with life as a civilian. In Twane's case he was also denied essential NHS treatment and care. He was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment.  At no point did he receive any treatment.

It was only in 2017 that he was seen by a psychiatrist who stated that Twane Morgan suffers from complex PTSD which has persisted for approximately ten years. Mr Morgan suffers from bipolar affective disorder. He has now had two episodes of mania and is at high risk of relapse without ongoing treatment and supervision of his mental disorder.
The prognosis of his bipolar disorder is that he has a good chance of remaining in remission if he continues to take medication and cooperate with psychiatric follow up.

As a result of the sympathy his case has generated Veterans Association UK have come forward in support. CEO Tony Hayes provides some insight:

        “ Mr Morgan served in the British Army and completed two tours of duty
in Afghanistan, these tours are usually between 10 -12 months
duration, this is an extremely long time to be under very high stress
levels. No one knows for sure but it is a reasonable estimate to say
that 85% of soldiers serving in the frontline Battalions and Regiments
i.e.  Infantry, Artillery, Armoured Corps soldiers and Royal Marines
serving on the forward operational bases (FOB's) will suffer with
Complex Multiple Trauma Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD).

Soldiers suffer with PTSD through two sources, firstly tour time, for
the 10 -12 months on the tour of duty, every time they exit the base
compound they are at serious risk of coming under fire, there is also
a high possibility of IED ( Improvised Explosive Device) injuries
either through remote detonation by mobile phone or landmine, during
this stage whilst on patrol the soldier is in a state of high anxiety
and vigilance, this itself will cause PTSD you then have the
individual incident i.e.  enemy contact involving a firefight (an
exchange of gunfire between the soldiers and enemy, this causes
extreme exhilaration and controlled fear. this is known as a contact .

during this time of battle a soldier often see's the death of enemy
combatants but also sometimes their friends killed by gunshot wounds,
this is a very traumatic experience extreme sadness and anger but
always remembered often via flashback years later. On some occasions
in Afghanistan the Taliban would put an explosives belt around a child
and send the child towards the soldiers and would be remotely
detonated killing the child and many personnel around the child, on
occasions this is picked up by the soldiers who have no choice but to
use deadly force to stop the child, this really plays up on the
continence of the soldier who takes out the target.

These situations cannot be understood by anyone unless they have been
in combat irrespective whether its Afghanistan Iraq, Falklands War
Northern Ireland the situation is the same and Mr Morgan completed two
tours of duty in Afghanistan for which he received a medical discharge
from the army having been diagnosed with Complex Multiple Trauma PTSD.
There is no cure for PTSD but it can be managed by the right
psychotherapist specialising in this field.

PTSD is a very debilitating illness often with other additional
illness such as Night terrors including flashbacks, Agoraphobia (fear
of going out)  Panic attacks, General Anxiety Disorder and many other
conditions. Sadly many ex soldiers are incarcerated usually for acts
of violence, very often caused by civilians usually young men
threatening these soldiers who when it comes flight or fight tend to
fight because H.M Government through the military have trained these
men to react the way they do, nothing is done upon leaving the army to
counter this they are just left on their own to cope”.  
They say that “despite the law stating that anyone of a foreign nationality serving more than 12 months in will be deported, I believe this to be wrong in this case, the fact he served and fought for this country, he put his life on the line for this country and I believe the military covenant may come into play also, it states that `` No veteran or his/her family will be put to disadvantage'' (end).

Like the position of many veterans Twane was hung out to dry. Self medicating with alcohol and all the while his condition was getting worse and worse.

This is what a charter flight involves:

“On the plane itself, deportees are generally outnumbered at least two to one by escorts. Waist restraint belts (WRBs), in which people’s arms are shackled to their sides, are common. On two 2017 “Dublin” flights inspected by Her Majesty’s Inspector of Prisons (HMIP) and the Independent Monitoring Board (IMB), waist restraints were automatically used on 100% of detainees. On other inspected flights, a minority were restrained. Leg and head restraints are also used. Pain compliance techniques are used to put unwilling people into restraint, and those who continue to struggle are carried onto the plane.

So the British Government is dragging Twane onto a charter flight where he is likely to be shackled the way that the British treated enslaved African people during the 'Transatlantic Slave Trade". The treatment of the Windrush generation and Commonwealth soldiers like Twane whose UK resident grandfaher was of the Windrush generation is a legacy of enslavement, colonial rule and Empire.

A far cry from the observations of a High Court Judge who said:

‘The court is conscious that at the heart of military life and the sacrifices that soldiers make in the discharge of their duties is the Military Covenant. This reads:

"Soldiers will be called upon to make personal sacrifices – including the ultimate sacrifice – in the service of the Nation. In putting the needs of the Nation and the Army before their own, they forego some of the rights enjoyed by those outside the Armed Forces. In return, British Soldiers must be able to always expect fair treatment, to be valued and respected as individuals, and that they (and their families) will be sustained and rewarded by commensurate terms and conditions of service".

Rewarding long and distinguished service by the grant of residence in the country for which the service was performed would, in my judgment, be a vindication and an enhancement of this covenant”.

Please support our campaign.

Press enquiries should be directed to