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Tuesday 1 March 2016

Survey for Young Black Workers on your experience with Trade Unions

BARAC is regularly contacted by young black workers seeking advise, support and representation due to workplace issues because their unions have not supported them or because there is no union presence at their workplace  and they don't know how to access union support.

Young black people are most likely to be in temporary and casual jobs on low pay due to cuts and austerity and face instititutional racism in the labour market as well as age discrimination with employers increasingly taking advantage of them, imposing changes to terms and conditions and irregular working hours and patterns with the increased use of zero hours contracts.

The young black people coming to us have experienced a range of issues from unfair disciplinary action, unfair dismissals, harassment and bullying, direct and indirect race discrimination and institutional racism in workplaces.  They experience detrimental treatment when compared to white colleagues and older colleagues.

They have had to find out about trade unions themselves with no union presence in their workplace and no trade union session in their induction  / training prograamme and experienced difficulties in getting representation and advice when needed.

As a result of this BARAC has decided to conduct a survey of the experiences of young black people and trade unions.

We plan to present the results to the TUC and Trade Unions.

The survey is completely anonymous and if you share your contact details with us in order to join the BARAC mailing list and keep in touch with us we will not share your contact details with anyone else.

It is aimed at those aged 16 to 28 years of age who identify as being black or BME.

Please use the link below to start the survey and share  with other young black people you know.

Survey: Trade Unions & Young Black Workers

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