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Tuesday 1 March 2016

Refugees in Calais and Dunkerque - urgent call for support of BARAC Humanitarian efforts

Image by Zita; Poet~Artist~Activist

Dear Friends 

Most of you will have seen the news reports of riot police using tear gas and water cannons to support the demolition of the South part of the Calais 'camp', only days after a judge gave a commitment that this would take place slowly, in stages and humanely - if there could ever be a humane way of destroying the tiny bit of shelter and belongings people had after fleeing war, persecution, poverty and climate change, followed by perilous journeys. 

Image by Care 4 Calais

We are responding to the call for urgent replacements of essential items and food supplies because people have lost everything with the demolition.  We will be returning to Calais and Dunkerque to take essential items and food next week with other Black Community and Trade Union groups. 

Image by Care 4 Calais

This impacts on thousands of people including hundreds of children. 

Image by Care 4 Calais

You can read a feature here, written by Co-Chair of BARAC UK, Zita Holbourne, for the Morning Star newspaper; 

Read a report in The Guardian here

Please can you support our efforts to respond to this urgent situation by donating what you can and sharing our GoFundMe with your networks.

Thank you for your support. 


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