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Thursday 3 March 2016

Go to Festivals including Glastonbury, Latitude and Tolpuddle for free and raise money for BARAC at the same time

Dear BARAC supporter,
Go To Festivals for Free, Work Bars and Raise Money for BARAC UK
Would you like to fundraise for Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC UK) by working festival bars at Latitude and Glastonbury? 
If so please read all this e-mail first before responding.
Get back to me at the very latest by 2pm on Thurs 10th March with your interest ( and cc
Also confirm a good email address you monitor regularly and your latest mobile number where you can pick up texts - a speedy response to information requests is sometimes needed. The same is required NOW of any friends you hope to bring.
We are looking for volunteers to join our teams of BARAC volunteers that will raise funds for our campaign by serving at some of this year’s most popular music festivals. This year there are places available at 3 festivals;  Glastonbury, Latitude and Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival.

Please read the details here carefully so there is no confusion about the minimal requirements of your arrival and departure times.  
Please also check with your employer and family NOW that you can be available for all that time.  The end of this e-mail also summarises what you give and get from the whole experience.
Here’s how it works: volunteers get free entry to the festival in exchange for working shifts (between 4 and 7 hours per day of the event) serving for Workers Beer Company (WBC) and £7.00 is paid to BARAC for every hour you work to help fundraise for the campaign work we do. Free coach travel is included from designated UK points supplied by WBC and you must arrive in that transport to gain access to the festival site.
Dates required to travel/be onsite: Tuesday 21st June, and remain onsite until Monday 27th June 
Total no of days onsite: 7
Dates required to travel/be onsite: Weds 13th July and remain onsite until Monday 18th July
Total no of days onsite: 5/6
Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival (very limited places available)
Dates required to travel/be onsite: Saturday 16th July, leave Sunday 17th July
Total no of days onsite: 2

If you want to know more about what working the bars involves and costs see the end of this email
We are just at the stage of putting in a bid but we need firm offers so we know we can deliver the bid. Nothing is confirmed until we get our allocation at the beginning of April.
Glastonbury is extremely popular and you are not guaranteed a definite place by responding to this email.  If you offer to do more than one festival that is great, but you must be able to deliver for all that you offer, unless you specify you can only make one.
Remember our bids are serious, so we have to deliver if we offer so please make sure you are serious about what you can do.  Please do not let us down at the last minute as we have to fill our allocation or be penalised financially, so make very sure you can deliver and we will try and return the favour.
If you hope to come with friends we need their name, e-mail and phone number NOW. Also think of the smallest group size that will go e.g. would you go alone?  Or with one other(name the person etc).
Friends have to be reliable and hard working! You will be representing our campaign and will be seen as a member of it and our reputation at the festival rests with you.  All funding raised will help BARAC in campaigning effectively.  So while the experience is fun it has a serious dimension and requires responsibility.
Remember what you give and get:
·        Bars are organised by the Workers Beer Company and we provide one of many dozens of teams of volunteers, many from the Trade Union movement
·        You have to be over 18 now
·        You get free entry to the festivals
·        You work a shift of between 4 and 7 hours per day of the event -you have no choice about shifts so often miss headliners, but there are 18 more hours of the day to fill and enjoy
·        Secure campsite with showers, toilets, canteen and bar provided
·       2 meal vouchers per day will be issued for use in the canteen
·        2 drinks vouchers will be issued at the end of each shift worked at a nominated bar on the site or in the WBC campsite bar
·       Volunteers will be required to bring all their own camping equipment
·       Transport will be available from all over the country: volunteers are required to use this option. There is no facility for camper vans and car parking can only very rarely be provided
·       You will work hard on the bars (bar experience is NOT required) and spend a great deal of time on your feet communicating with the general public and conditions can be challenging due to the unpredictability of our weather,
·       You need spending money to survive the rest of the festival
·       Our campaign gets £ 7.00 for every hour you work: Thank you for your support

Call if you need advice or have a question. We look forward to hearing from you again soon, please reply to the email below with FESTIVALS in the header.
Kind Regards
Donna Guthrie, BARAC Women’s Officer on behalf of BARAC UK  and cc:  - To be used for all correspondence

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