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Saturday 20 August 2016

PRESS RELEASE: Petition calling for owners of The Plantation to change the name


BARAC UK launch new petition challenging racist name of new restaurant The Plantation.

“We the undersigned call on The Breakfast Group to change the name of its new restaurant The Plantation at 31 Duke Street London W1 due to open on the 1st September 2016.
We find the name deeply offensive to the millions of Africans who died during the Maangamizi (transatlantic slave trade) and the millions more who enslaved on plantations whose average life span was eight years, usually less.
Africans were literally worked to death working sugar cane to make sugar and rum for their slave masters and colonial rulers.
To therefore name a restaurant selling rum, The Planation is grossly insensitive and constitutes grave offence to the African descent communities in London and elsewhere. Plantation's we're places where people suffered and died, where Africans suffered unimaginable violence and terror at the hands of their slave masters. 
Imagine if you can how African people would feel having to work at this venue much less eat at it? 
We have no doubt that you would not name one of your venues Concentration Camp or one of your cocktails Zyklon B. 
We therefore call on you to urgently reconsider your decision in the light of this complaint and rename your venue forth with.”

Lee Jasper, Co-founder and National Co-Chair BARAC UK said:

“London is one of the most multicultural cities in the world.  That any business man can imagine that he could call a newly opened restaurant the plantation defies belief and constitutes a grievous insult to London’s diverse communities.

 Plantations were the equivalent of concentration camps and the period of African enslavement was one the greatest crimes in human history. They should change the name now. “

Zita Holbourne, Co-founder and National Co-Chair BARAC UK said;
“The decision to call this venue a plantation beggars belief. The enslavement of African people forced to work under threat & punishment was a crime against humanity, not something to be celebrated. This is degrading and an insult to the memory of our ancestors and to those whose fore parents were enslaved and made to work on plantations whilst abused, beaten & murdered who still live with the legacy of racism it created today.

To associate with that horrific era in history by calling the venue this name speaks volumes about the mindset of those who own it & is another example of the state of racism in the UK as documented this week in the detailed report released by the Equality & Human Rights Commission. It has echoes of Brett Bailey's human zoo. I hope the owners see sense & demonstrate some decency and respect by doing the right thing.”



Zita Holbourne & Lee Jasper
Co-founders/ National Co-Chairs
Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC UK)

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