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Friday 6 February 2015


Africa Centre Rise is challenging the dubious sale of the lease of The Africa Centre, Covent Garden, which took place despite them owning the freehold to the building.

BARAC UK is supporting the campaign and the legal challenge. Zita Holbourne, National Co-Chair of BARAC says:

'Reparations are way over due and as austerity amplifies racism and injustice, leading to deepening poverty and economic and social oppression,  those with the power continue to benefit in wealth and riches from the enslavement of African people during the Transatlantic Slave Trade.  The Africa Centre freehold  was given to African communities as part of reparations, however they retained the leasehold which they have sold without consulting the communities that the Centre served, without carrying out an Equality Impact Assessment or any regard or respect, putting profit before people.'

We ask you to join Africa Centre Rise on 11th February outside the Royal Courts of Justice between the hours of 10am and 1pm (for whatever period you are able to) at a protest to coincide with the oral hearing taking place that day to decide if their Judicial Review Action can go ahead.

Please bring banners, home made placards, flags and whistles. 

If you plan to attend the hearing, please note that it is listed as Hiikmah versus Westminster Council, Capco Capital & Counties. Hiikmah is a member of the community who took up the task of challenging this injustice so please give her all the support you can.

Painting by: Zita Holbourne

Africa Centre Rise says:

'Our voices were silenced and marginalized by the Private Company Big money holders, the Local Authority and the Trustees

We were not consulted or treated fairly. We were discriminated against. and to coincide with the oral hearing to decide if their Judicial Review application can go ahead, Please support and show love to Africa Centre Rise! The Community Development Land Trust ..uplifting and empowering Africa, her people and diaspora

Africa Centre Rise is uplifting us by challenging and taking a legal action - judicial review for our community rights and the community floor space of The Africa Centre, 38 King Street. Covent Garden.

Supreme/High Court Hearing - Royal Courts of Justice- The Strand WC1
11 February 2015 10am to 1pm

Our history is important to know who we are ...we have been erased from the area without any consultation, involvement or engagement.

We were not consulted or treated fairly. We were discriminated against.'

Contact: or for more information
or visit the website:

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