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Friday 19 July 2013


We organise because we are under unprecedented levels of attack , we march because we demand justice for the family of Stephen Lawrence's, Mubenga, Rodney and Duggan. We demand that the police tackle the racial terrorism of the fascist EDL.

Time to return to our tradition of taking to the streets, time inspire others, time for you to begin the fight that secures our children's future. Shall we always be subjected to searing pain of injustice driven by racism? Can we inspire our young people by organising a fight back?

This is the first in a series of actions BARAC will be taking to make sure the tragedy of racist attack or death in police custody does not happens to you or your family. We have one week and we need a viral team of volunteers that can push this on a daily basis. If have to rely on each other in the face of rampant racism,

Azelle Rodney, the Lawrence's and Jimmy Mubenga Mark Duggan and in America Trayvon Martin - wear your hoodie bring a drum a horn a whistle or a tin can. We intend to make some noise. Make your own placard or banner and even if its just you and your granny come, come,come and lets stand proud against racism and for justice. We simply cant defeat racism by ignoring it and hoping it wont happen to us. Unchallenged racism will maintain its own momentum and austerity is amplifying racism in Britain

International solidarity with the victims of racism 

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