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Thursday 8 September 2011

Stop Criminalising our Youth - Who is to blame for the riots? Video from Hackney meeting

Hackney 1st September 2011
Zita Holbourne (from BARAC and Public and Commercial Services Union national executive member),

Owen Jones (acclaimed author of 'Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class', who recently appeared on Newsnight),

Matt Foot (human rights lawyer)

Gary McFarlane (journalist from Tottenham and eye-witness to riots).

A public meeting supported by Black Activists Rising against Cuts (BARAC), the Refugee Workers Cultural Association, the Right to Work campaign and Unite against Fascism.

Pure criminality' is how politicians and the media like to characterise the riots. To talk in these terms does nothing to explain their cause.

Worse, it risks criminalising a whole generation of deeply disaffected young people. And who can blame them for their bitterness? Rising unemployment, increased police harrassment, lack of educational opportunity - that's the future they face.

Instead of knee-jerk reaction, we need a serious discussion.

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