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Tuesday 15 March 2016

Climate migration discussion incl Zita Holbourne, Richard Black + others

Image by Zita; Poet~Artist~Activist 

BARAC UK was a co-sponsor of a film launch and panel discussion organised by creative director Kooj Chuhan on climate change and migration. 

Climate migration discussion incl Zita Holbourne, Richard Black + others

Video of panel presentations from ‘Linking Climate Change with Migration’ public event 7th March 2016 at Kings College, which began with a screening of the film ‘Crossing Footprints’ by Kooj Chuhan.  The climate migration discussion also included Andrew Baldwin and Alex Randall.  The ‘Crossing Footprints’ film will be available to watch online soon, once it has been fully signed off after final proofing.  This video of the panel presentations is approx 40 mins long:

Watch here

The leading  climate migration discussion panel included speakers:

Richard Black, leading scholar at SOAS on migration in the context of climate change
Zita Holbourne, community, union and human rights activist, writer, artist and curator; co-founder of Black Activists Rising Against Cuts
Andrew Baldwin, chair of international Climate Change and Migration research network based at Durham University
Alex Randall, UK Climate Change and Migration Coalition
Kooj Chuhan, artist, filmmaker and curator of the ‘Footprint Modulation’ exhibition exploring climate migration and justice
+ Public launch and screening of the film ‘Crossing Footprints: Human Migration and the Environment’ by Kooj Chuhan / Metaceptive Media, about both the Human Migration and The Environment Conference and the Footprint Modulation art

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