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Tuesday 2 April 2013



'Black Women In Focus' is a 2 week long art exhibition with a difference - featuring the art  and photography of a group of talented  black women in the Marble Hall of Congress House, headquarters of the TUC. The exhibition is hosted by the TUC Race Relations Committee and is the concept of Zita Holbourne,  a member of the TUC Race Relations Committee and National Co-Chair of BARAC UK who is also curating the exhibition. As well as curating the exhibition Zita has combined her work as a community and trade union activist with her work as a visual artist with her collection of paintings at the exhibition entitled 'Equality Freedom Justice and Democracy'.

Zita said; 'At a time when black women are disproportionately impacted by job cuts and huge cuts are being made to arts funding it is becoming harder for black women artists to find work and showcase their talents. This is a unique opportunity to view and support the amazing artistic talents of young black women artists in a central London venue and purchase art at affordable prices. The exhibition is been hosted by the TUC Race Relations Committee as part of its commitment under  the TUC Stephen Lawrence recommendations.'

Entry  to the exhibition is free.

The exhibition is open to the public and the final weekend will coincide with the annual TUC Black Workers Conference. Members of the public can visit the exhibition from 8am to 6pm on 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th April and from 8am to 1pm on 14th April. Those visiting Congress House for meetings and other events are free to view the exhibition whilst there within and outside these times and dates.

There will be an Evening View on 5th of April 6-8pm - hear from the artists about what inspires them and why the TUC has put on the exhibition, view the exhibition and network. If you are interested in purchasing any of the work exhibited you will be able to speak directly to the artists. Alternatively their contact information will be displayed at the exhibition.

On arrival at Congress House please let reception know you are there to visit the Black Women In Focus art exhibition in the Marble Hall.

About the artists:

Antonietta Torsiello is a Visual Artist & Textile Designer from Newham. Her main inspiration is drawn from historical textile patterns, architecture, african culture and the 1960′s. Recent graduate in BA Hons Fashion Imaging at University for the Creative Arts. Antonietta uses mediums such as: drawing inks, watercolours, wax/ oil pastels, lino and screen print. She is also a curator of the exhibition.

Nxsh aged 22, Born and raised in East London is a practicing artist and photographer currently on a gap year from University of Westminster. Her main focus and point of interest lays with portraiture and creatively using her work to explore current events, looking at elements beyond the surface of society and what is portrayed in the media. She shoots mainly with digital and 35mm film but has recently begun exploring the uses of video in new projects.

Zita Holbourne is a visual artist, poet /spoken word artist, writer, trade union, community and human rights activist. Zita studied graphic design at the London College of Printing and worked as a freelance graphic designer and make-up artist after graduating. Her art is inspired by her quest for equality, freedom, justice and democracy and her work as an activist as well as traditional African and Caribbean art styles. She exhibits her art at a range of political and cultural exhibitions. In 2012 she was commissioned by the TUC to design a poster for the TUC Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust Fundraising Appeal. Black Women in Focus is the concept of Zita and she is curator of the exhibition.

Zemamnesh Campbell has produced a series of images covering issues that are relevant to contemporary practice but also cover personal issues that have been studied for a long period of time.
She has carefully designed garments that demonstrate the combination of two cultures, which compliment each other’s style. . They also follow the traditional roles of women in African. All images have a strong feel of ethnicity through the styling. Her images look at how African culture and Western culture complement each other today.


 Elizabeth Awoyemi has produced a collection entitled Freedom as she is looking towards the future in a positive and free manner. Striving through the negatives and looking ahead in a positive light... she is free. African culture is a big part of her daily life experiences and she tries to communicate this through her paintings. Some of her paintings are acrylic paintings on canvas whilst others are etchings in a simplistic black and white form.


Contact Zita Holbourne

here for a map of the venue and full address:  

5 minutes from Tottenham Court Road Tube Station.

Trades Union Congress
Congress House
Great Russell Street
Tel: 020 7636 4030

Facebook event page

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