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Tuesday 22 February 2022

STOP the charter flight mass deportation to Zimbabwe on 2nd of March 22 - write to your MP using our model letter and sign the petition

 Please take urgent action and write to your MP using the model letter below - feel free to adapt.

Sign our joint  petition here:

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#Zimbabwe150  #StopthePlane

Model Letter to MPs 

Dear [Member of Parliament],

I am writing as a constituent to ask that you urgently oppose the mass deportation  by  charter flight scheduled by the Home Office on 2nd of March 2022.   This comes after a disproportionate targeting of black people  for deportation over the last year. Mass deportation flights are a breach of human rights.

Amongst those targeted for deportation on these flights  are young people who have been victims of modern-day slavery, people who have made their home in the UK for decades, who have contributed to the British economy and society, who came to the UK as children, who are parents of British born and young children, who came to the country as refugees, including people who have had to flee persecution. This is the case for the vast majority of people who left Zimbabwe, where individuals and their families had no choice but to flee for their lives and who are in grave danger if they return to Zimbabwe.

Tearing parents apart from loved ones including children is inhumane and causes distress and trauma to children with no regard for the human rights of children. 

The fast turnaround of deportations leaves inadequate time to access legal advice and representation which has been made worse because access to the computer rooms at detention centres have been closed or with limited access. There have also been reports of fax machines and computers not working meaning that people detained cannot communicate with legal representatives plus covid spreading through detention centres meaning it is not safe for people to fly.

Those targeted  face destitution trauma and persecution  once deported,  impacting on physical and mental health. We know that some people have sadly  been killed or taken their own lives subsequently.  There is also an impact on the families they are torn apart from, with children experiencing trauma.

I am also concerned that the Windrush Lessons Learned recommendations are yet to be implemented, two years down the line.  The report found the Home Office to be institutionally ignorant of racism.  It is irresponsible to target black  and minority ethnic people for deportation when no lessons have been learned.

 I am asking that you take urgent action, including writing to the Home Secretary calling for these flights  to be cancelled and to call for an end to charter flight mass  deportations. 




[Your Name]



Please add your full postal address to confirm you are a constituent. 


Find your MP here:


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