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Tuesday 15 March 2016

Video of Sarah Reed fringe meeting at TUC Women's Conference and Black Lives Matter Bloc M19 Demo

Last week at the TUC Women's Conference, BARAC UK  organised a fringe meeting on the Sarah Reed Campaign for Justice, which was sponsored by the GMB union.  The meeting was addressed by Marilyn Reed, mother of Sarah Reed,  Patricia Lamour, Blak Sox and was chaired by National Co-Chair of BARAC and member of the TUC Race Relations Committee Zita Holbourne.

You can watch a video of the meeting in three parts below.




Thanks go to Sharon Edwards of the PCS Union for recording the meeting.

BARAC together with Blak Sox and the NUS Black Students Campaign have organised a #BlackLivesMatter bloc on the UN Anti Racism Day National Demo on Saturday 19th of March.

Marilyn Reed, together with Co-Chairs of BARAC, Zita Holbourne and Lee Jasper, plus a speaker from Blak Sox are speakers at the demo.

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