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Tuesday 20 October 2015

Help BARAC raise money to by essential items plus traditional foods, hair and skin products to take to Refugees in Calais


BARAC UK is involved in coordinating aid convoys to Calais. In addition to the regular food parcel distributions made to  refugees stuck in limbo in horrific conditions in the Calais 'camp' known as 'The Jungle' we have carried out solidarity and fact finding visits and we are fundraising for additional items needed. 

Many people are forced to walk for hours to collect firewood to cook on which in the cold weather is problematic. We have raised funds previously for two  cooking stoves and gas cylinders but many more are needed. 

 In addition to the stoves cooking utentils, pots and pans are needed.

We also want to purchase some traditional food items, for example dried fish and cornmeal flour as well as African hair and  skin products. which have been specifically requested.

Some other items needed  are:

arts supplies for the art school in the camp
dictionaries for the library
 waterproof outer clothing
warm hats
waterproof sturdy shoes 
sanitary towels

 Many people have makeshift shelters which are easily destroyed in adverse weather. 

DONATE HERE on go fund me and help us raise funds to take this items to our sisters and brothers in Calais. 

Watch the documentary of our solidarity visit made by film-maker Ray Rakaba here: WATCH

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