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Thursday 2 April 2015

Racist Britain First Declares War on Black and Anti-Racist Activists

Racist Britain First Declares War on Black and Anti-Racist Activists

Leading members of Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC)  UK and anti-racist activists are being physically stalked, racially harassed and threatened with violence due to the fascist and racist Britain First declaring that  it intends to teach BARAC and others 'a lesson' in response to a recent event  in opposition to UKIP leader, Nigel Farage. 

We consider the fact that Britain First has now targeted black and anti-racist leadership to be a serious escalation. This decision by Britain First will have profound implications for black and anti -racist leadership in the UK.  We note the deafening silence from UKIP in condemning the racist violence of Britain First. We conclude from this that their actions enjoy the tacit approval of Nigel Farage and UKIP.

BARAC now calls upon black communities, organisations, faith groups and the broader labour and anti -racist movement to defend black and anti -racist leadership from this racist attack and condemn this violent escalation from extreme right racist groups.  

BARAC reaffirms its total commitment to fight racism and fascism in Britain. We will not allow Britain First to intimidate, harass or attack our members without the most resolute and robust defence. 

Britain First's support for UKIP means that they have now assumed the role previously occupied by Combat 18 storm troopers who were the violent criminal arm of the now collapsed British National Front.  

The background to this attack is the recent action to oppose UKIP's sexism, racism, homophobia and xenophobia. The action was designed to challenge UKIP bigotry with satire and humour.  

On Sunday 22nd of March, approximately 80 people including some BARAC members, attended the Beyond UKIP Cabaret event in a local pub in Downe, Kent, called to oppose UKIP's politics of hate and division.   

 The event was a creative celebration of British diversity themed into a party atmosphere. A whole range of artists and performers plus organisations and campaign groups including disability rights groups, migrant rights groups, LGBT groups and anti-racist groups were invited and attended.  
The idea behind the action was to creatively challenge UKIP by holding a ‘diversity carnival’ and performing a multicultural Cabaret in Nigel Farage’s home town. 

A function room in a local pub was booked. The party was a gentle affair with a party cake, a pin᷈᷈᷈᷈᷈ata, performances, fancy dress, balloons, poetry and dance.
Around 80 people, of different races, religions and ages, including a holocaust survivor and breast feeding mothers, attended.  Just before it was due to end attendees were informed that Nigel Farage was in a pub across the road.  

People then formed a conga line and danced from one pub to the other with a portable music system playing the Pointer Sisters Motown classic ‘We Are Family’.  

However since these events BARAC members have been targeted by Britain First who claim to be defending UKIP and its leader and have threatened to ‘hunt the organisers down’.

They claim that BARAC was responsible for ' attacking' Nigel Farage and then began posting tweets that wrongly claimed that BARAC officers including myself were responsible for organising the Beyond UKIP Cabaret and wrongly stating that members of BARAC attacked Nigel Farage and his children.  

Subsequently, BARAC members, in particular black women have been on the receiving end of a welter of threats, attempts at violent intimidation and the subject of disgusting racist abuse.  

Then matters seriously escalated after Britain First physically attacked a Beyond UKIP Cabaret debrief meeting, which they wrongly assumed BARAC members were co-convening.
At that meeting, that took place on 30th of March, organised by social justice activist, Dan Glass, Britain First broke into the building and attempted to smash their way into the meeting room ignoring requests from those working in the building to leave and assaulting one person who was outside of the meeting room.  

Over 15 racist thugs then launched a terrifying attack on the meeting. Luckily people had managed to lock themselves into the meeting room to protect themselves.  

Outside the room these violent criminals beat on the walls.  This was captured on video, filmed by those in the meeting room. Britain First then brazenly published a video of their attack. In that video, the leader of Britain First, Paul Golding wrongly claims that BARAC members were at the meeting. 
On a point of accuracy we want to make it clear that BARAC members had no involvement in the organisation of the Beyond UKIP Cabaret or the meeting on Monday. On a point of principled politics, BARAC unites with all anti-racists in condemning UKIP’s divisive politics and racist and fascist violence. 

We understand that the Metropolitan Police have now arrested one member of Britain First; we are horrified at this police response and ask the wider labour and anti-racist movement to support our demand that the Police arrest and charge, all those who broke into the building on Monday night and sought to violently attack and threaten those inside.
This serious incident reflects the rising tide of institutional racism in the policing of black communities.  Racial profiling of black people means that, had this been black people breaking into a building and threatening and attacking people, they would most certainly have all been arrested and facing charges  under Joint Enterprise law. 

It is shocking that Paul Golding and his Britain First thugs can make threats on internet sites, inciting racial and homophobic hatred and violence, targeting individuals and then carry out their online threats with impunity, even uploading videos of their attacks after. 
The actions of Britain First in defence of UKIP demonstrate an unholy alliance which means it is more important than ever to challenge the racism and division fostered by parties that seek to whip up xenophobia and bigotry in the run up to the forthcoming elections.  

BARAC will continue to stand together with those that seek to oppose and challenge racism wherever it raises its head.  

BARAC calls upon the anti- racist movement to redouble efforts to confront UKIP politics of hatred and division. We call for expressed support for all those targeted by racists and fascists, now actively targeting the black community and anti- racist campaign leaders.   

In addition to escalating opposition to UKIP we ask that you support the following demand:   

We call upon the Metropolitan Police Service to immediately arrest and charge all those Britain First members and supporters, who have incited racial hatred, issued threats and violently attacked participants in the London Beyond UKIP Cabaret that took place on the 30th March 2015.  

Please join us in defending our anti-racist movement and black leadership and stand up to racism and fascism. 

Watch the video: Britain First Storm Beyond UKIP Meeting,30.03.15:   

Lee Jasper 

National Co-Chair BARAC UK  


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