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Thursday 19 January 2012

RACE AND RACISM: LET'S TALK - BARAC Meeting Manchester 23rd January

BARAC Manchester invite you to a meeting:
Race and Racism: Let's Talk.
Monday 23rd January
Princess Road
6pm -8pm

On January 3rd, two of the gang who attacked Stephen Lawrence were convicted of his brutal racially motivated murder.

We acknowledge and commend the Lawrences’ for their unwavering resolve to seek justice for their son and we also take note of Doreen Lawrence’s statement that ‘racism and racist attacks still happens’: that racism within institutions and society still blights us.
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The MacPherson Enquiry, launched 5 years after the death of Stephen, exposed the institutional racism within the Metropolitan Police. The enquiry also further exposed the racist culture and practices within other major institutions in the country. Though the enquiry report’s 70 recommendations have gone some way to eliminate racist practices and culture within these institutions, we are still experiencing substantial issues of racism; low pay, job cuts, unemployment, stop & search, DNA database, deaths in custody, harassment & bullying and discrimination.

BARAC Manchester invite you to talk about the current situation regarding race and racism -
This is an opportunity for Us to discuss

• What significant improvements have been made since the MacPherson Report and the implementation of the 70 recommendations?

• How have other institutions, Education, Health, Local & central government departments recognised and implemented recommendations to eliminate and reduce racist practices and culture.

• Have and how things have improved for those impacted by institutional racism?

• What is the current situation in terms of race relations; Is there a culture of racist scapegoating peddled by the government and the media? And has Political correctness ‘gone mad’ and created an undercurrent of resentment and hostility? Or not?

Contributions towards venue costs appreciated
For further information:
Contact Colette Williams
07984 359894

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