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Monday 27 January 2020


Holocaust Memorial Day is marked on 27th of January each year to remember the Holocaust and other genocides.

This year it marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and also the 25th anniversary of the genocide in Bosnia. 

This year's theme is Stand Together.

It is important that we never forget the Holocaust and other genocides including the Maafa which saw the enslavement and murder of African people. At a time when racist and fascist ideas grow and slip into the mainstream in an attempt to normalise them it is essential for us to Stand Together. They must never go unchallenged as our inaction allows them to grow. Hatred breeds hatred so we should speak out with love and act with kindness to challenge, educate and strive for peace and equality,  when we all stand together against hatred we are stronger and empower others to stand up with us. 

Zita Holbourne,  National Chair BARAC UK 

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