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Sunday 12 February 2012


BARAC 'STAND FOR SOMETHING' Community Conference
    • Saturday, February 18, 2012
    • 10:30am until 4:30pm

  • Black Activists Rising Against Cuts; BARAC Manchester
    are hosting
    Community Conference.
    As we move into the time where the 2nd round of local cuts will be implemented BARAC Manchester are inviting the community to come together to get a clear understanding as to
    1. What cuts have been made
    2. How the cuts are impacting on the community
    3. How the cuts are impacting disproportionately on the Black Community, locally and nationally.
    4. Explore what actions need to be taken
    5. Put proposals of actions forward

    We will be hearing from a number of local and national speakers on ' Youth & the Older community', 'Public & Community/Voluntary Sector' 'Health & NHS Reform' 'Pensions & Welfare reform' ‘Policing & Community Security’ and ‘Race & Racism’
    It doesn't matter what age, what sector, unemployed or employed, disabled or abled...the cuts are going to impact on you!
    It has been reported that only 5% of the cuts have been imposed and as Manchester has been named ‘Child poverty capital of Britain’ with 25,000 growing up in severe poverty, and if we take into consideration that the African, Caribbean, Bangladeshi and Pakistani descent communities along with other minority ethnic groups are among the most acutely deprived communities in Britain, WE need to be talking, lobbying, protesting and Organising so that We are in a more unified and organised position to oppose the cuts!
    STAND FOR SOMETHING Community Conference is in commemoration & inspired by Malcolm X.....who said that the most important thing for any community to grow and prosper is to ensure that they have the responsibility of their economics, politics and culture and if at any time you relinquish any of those you will surely shrivel and die’.
    Well, well Brothas, Sistas & Comrades, this is that time, again, when we need to make sure that we take a stand so that the politics, economics and cultural well being of Our community is not only safeguarded but enhanced substantially. Because if we don’t, we won’t just be the 1st generation to leave the world in a worse state than when we inherited it but more importantly and disappointingly we will be the 1st generation to bequeath a world to our next generation worse than when we inherited it.
    So Brothas, Sistas & Comrades whether you are young or old, unemployed or employed, disabled or abled, private, public community or voluntary sector workers let’s make a stand and join us
    Community event in Commemoration and Inspired by MALCOLM X
    Hosted by Black Activists Rising Against Cuts. BARAC

    'The Future Belongs to Those Who Prepare for it Today.'
    Malcolm X. Born 19th Feb 1925: Died Feb 21st 1965

    Lee Jasper; Co-Chair BARAC;
    Zita Holbourne; Co-Chair BARAC; National Exec PCS Union
    Kingsley Abrams National Exec UNITE; Labour Councillor
    Charles Crichlow; President, National Black Police Assoc.
    Merlin Emmanuel; Justice for Peace for Smiley Culture
    Weyman Bennett; UAF Joint Secretary
    Angela Lawrence & Gabrielle Samuels; Director, Manchester Active Voices
    Ratna Lachman; JUST West Yorkshire
    & more speakers to be confirmed.

    Sat 18th February
    Registration at 10.30am
    Start at 11.00am – 4.30pm close
    Venue: Powerhouse, Raby Street, Moss Side

    £5 includes meal/refreshments & crèche (please book for catering and crèche facilities)
    This event is supported by
    Marcus from Megatone Sound Foundation
    IRE FM
    The Search Engine
    Lloyd Hanley; Alvinos
    Manchester Active Voices
    Just West Yorkshire
    Memorial Exhibition Society
    Wigan & Leigh Trades Council
    Black & Asian Police Association
    Public Services Union
    Manchester Coalition Against The Cuts
    Unite Against Fascism
    Manchester Trades Union Council
    Angela Brown, Yvonne MaCalla, Amanda Milligan & Mark Mace Smith

    OceanBlack & The Mbari Group

    Thank you from Colette Williams, Maurice Shaw, Deyika Nzeribe and Clifford Cawthon
    Manchester BARAC

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